How To Make The Most of a Beach and Bush Holiday

If it was hard for you to decide on whether to take a relaxing and dedicated beach vacation or go wild on an adventure, you can now relax. You don’t have to choose.

Beach and Bush Safaris

One of the great things in East Africa is a wonderful stretch of coast along the Indian Ocean. This coastline is well served by hotels and resorts; making it the perfect combination of a traditional safari to admire the animals and landscapes of the interior with a stay on one of the region’s beaches.

So, first of all, if you are interested in hosting two-center or multi-centered Kenyan holidays, you will want to stay at a beautiful hotel located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, in Mombasa, Kenya’s second most important city. Here you can decide to spend the first part of your vacation, and there are many fine beach hotels to choose properties in the area. Many offer convenient all-inclusive packages, and the level of quality of products and services in these hotels is often higher than what you can find in many other countries of the world.

Then enjoy an unforgettable Kenyan safari on Tsavo West, Tsavo East and the Aruba Dam; all located just around the coastal city. They have a large variety of species, with some of them being the rarest in the world. As if bush is not thrilling enough, marine parks are there for you to enjoy watching all types of fish peacefully swimming and playing around. There are also very attractive heritage sites to visit like the Vasco Da Gama pillar, Fort Jesus and Gedi Ruins; all protected due to their importance in the history of East Africa’s civilization.

In this combination; there are so many things to see, to do and to tell. Don’t settle for less.

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