Holiday Destinations In Kenya

If you have not visited Kenya, you have not visited Africa. Kenya is the country that beholds the beauty of Africa. From fascinating culture, robust and active population, amazing landscapes, white sandy beaches, untamed animal species to waterfalls and rapids, you can never go wrong with a visit to Kenya. You will never miss an opportunity to learn amazing facts about the people of Kenya and their hospitality as well as their loving nature. If you are planning to visit Kenya, there are just as many activities for honeymoon holidays as well as other vacations. Here is just but a glimpse of what you should expect when you visit the East African Economic powerhouse.

Honeymoon Holiday Beaches.

Kenya’s magical city of Mombasa is just but an island of the Indian Ocean. Mombasa prides itself of numerous white sand sunny beaches that form the perfect destination for lovebirds. You get to enjoy basking in the tropical sun, fresh air as well as get the opportunity to indulge in the indigenous culture. Once you set your foot to Kenya’s second largest city of Mombasa, you will be spoiled for choice on where to visit. Enjoy viewing the ancient Arabic architecture that forms the buildings of this iconic city. Feast in five-star hotels that line the beaches of Mombasa, Nyali, and Malindi. Grab the opportunity of viewing the African wild in their most natural habitats as well. The Kenyan honeymoon beaches are the perfect getaway for anyone who needs a once in a lifetime treating.

Holiday Hiking and Excursion.

If you are looking to test yourself in a tough terrain, it does not get tougher than the Mount Kenya climb. Experience the adventure as you climb the over 5000 meters of elevation to untold heights. You should be prepared for the thin air usually above the 3000 meters elevation. If you are a beginner and want something much less challenging, there are various options such as Mount Longonot, Satima, and Suswa in the nearby. You can have a long day hiking in various Kenyan safari destinations within the capital such as the Nairobi safari walk or The Karura Forest walk. Walk through winding terrain and get lost in the dense vegetation of Karura as you experience natural and man-made caves.

African Wild.

Get the rare opportunity to interact and view Africa’s wildlife as seen nowhere else. Enjoy the view of wildlife in the over 48 national parks and national reserves. Kenya is the only country in the world with a hotel where you get to sit and feed with friendly giraffes bumper to bumper. Meet up with the world’s greatest predators in the Tsavo National park, witness wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara and so much more. The Kenyan wild is too diverse and rich to fit into any description.

You can join thousands of other tourists enjoying the beach and bush holiday tours to Kenya throughout the year. You will have fun meeting the loving people of Kenya while you enjoy yourself.

Long story short: If you are looking for a holiday destination in Africa, look for Kenya.

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