Benefits of Hiking Safari

Hiking safaris can be more exciting and thrilling compared to game drives. They are much more memorable. There is nothing as stirring as seeing the big five on foot and seeing all tiny details of nature. Apart from exploring nature real close and personal, you get to reap health benefits from the trip. Who said you couldn’t lose weight while on vacation? Read more to find out all the reasons why you need to ditch the jeep and explore nature on foot.

  1. Up Close and Personal.

Hiking safaris will let you zoom into all the beauty of the African wildlife. From a vehicle, you may never notice the grace and beauty of gazelles, the immensity of elephants or the fierce fire in a leopard’s eyes. Such clarity and sharp focus are much easier to achieve while on the ground. Hiking safaris, therefore, can transform your bush holiday tour from ordinary and routine to exciting and unforgettable.

  1. Enjoy The Exercise.

Holiday hiking and excursions come with plenty of health benefits. As much as you will be walking to enjoy nature and wildlife, you will also be losing weight, toning up and staying clear of heart diseases. Your body burns many calories when hiking through the bush, as compared to sitting in a van. Hiking strengthens your leg muscles and eases blood circulation to the rest of your body. Studies show that people who often hike age slowly.

  1. See Everything, Do Everything.

The best edge of hiking is that you get a chance to see the tiny and the easily ignorable parts of nature. Hiking gives you a chance to see all the beautiful plants, insects and small animals that you would miss from a game drive. When hiking, you will hear every breaking of a tree branch, see every animal movement and smell the scents of nature.

During the trek, you will learn how to track animals by following footprints and identifying their smell. You get to tour even the hard to reach places that a van wouldn’t go. This means that you stand a better chance at catching all the fantastic African wildlife when hiking than when in a safari van.

  1. Stress Buster.

Hiking safaris will make you feel relaxed and calm. If you are on a honeymoon holiday beach, hiking will strengthen the bond between you and your spouse. Your love grows stronger as you both stroll on the beach in the early mornings and trek through game parks in the afternoons.

As you become one with nature, your focus increases and you get inspirational solutions for your troubles. After the safari, you will feel motivated to take on life with renewed energy and assuredness. That means better performance at work or school and better relationships with family.

  1. Sunshine and Air

A beach and bush holiday means stepping out and being one with nature. Chances are you took the vacation to step out from the confines of your office, so don’t spend the holiday in the confines of a 4x 4. Sunshine and fresh air await you. Hiking safaris provide an opportunity for you to get nourished with vitamin D; the hours you spend on the beach and in the bush will all reflect positively on your appearance and physique. In the end, you will know that the trip was worth it.

There is no better way to enjoy an African vacation than a hiking safari. Welcome to Kayta.


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